Downtime Summary 5 September to 7 September

Here is a summary of the network downtime:- Start Time: 5th September, 6:31 PM- End Time:  7th September, 6:02 PM- Total Downtime: 1 day, 23 hours, 33 minutesWe deeply apologize for any inconvenience this network disruption may have caused you and your business. We understand the critical nature of our services to your operations, and we take ... Read More »

9th Sep 2023
[URGENT] Network Upgrade

We are performing URGENT Network upgrade for datacenter CJ 1 at 6.00pm 5 September 2023.


5th Sep 2023
No more Monthly Subscription for Shared Hosting (CPANEL)

Starting from July 2023, we will no longer maintain monthly subscriptions for CPANEL.

23rd Jul 2023
CPanel Nvme Cloudflare and webserver issue has been solved

Cpanel Nvme server cloudflare and webserver issue has been solved.

8th Feb 2023
CLoudflare issue

We have an issue with webserver and cloudflare. Our Support will solve this a.s.a.p

8th Feb 2023
ARE YOUR SALES TOO SLOW? Optimize your hosting or downgrade to our cheapest package.

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15th Nov 2022
Server cpanel been stop for maintenance

Cpanel Nvme has been stop and will up less than 30 Minute

18th Oct 2022
Optimize your Cpanel Server

Please Optimize You Cpanel  1) makesure your cpanel specification your memory (RAM) / iops   2) makesure your php version is 7.4, you can choose inherit for default setting.   3) ensure your php multi ini is following your memory spec for example for Memory Ram (1GB) = 1024Memory Ram (5GB) = 5120 4) litespeed please makesure your ... Read More »

23rd Aug 2022
CPanel Nvme update status

All service run smoothly.
Network is ok
Kernel and Os is OK
Storage is OK
CPU, Ram is OK

and now only php configuration, litespeed and cloudlinux still stuck.

your website will get 500 result

we are solving this issue a.s.a.p

21st Aug 2022
CpanelNVME Server has been UP

Thank you for your patience

Downtime 1030am (19 August 2022) until 1237pm (20 August 2022)
26hours and 7 minute

Claim your rebate for this issue

20th Aug 2022