Maintenance Server

Maintenance Server NVME, down time less than 5 minute.

Date 21 April 2021
Time 3.00am

20th Apr 2021
optimize and upgrading server

Upgrading and optimizing server

Date 11 March 2021

Time 3.30am

Duration 5 to 15 minute

Downtime 2 minute

Server impact :- cpnvme

3rd Mar 2021
Promosi Cpanel nvme Rm50 tamat 1 mac 2021

Promosi Cpanel NVME Begin RM50 Setahun akan tamat pada 1 MAC 2021 dan harga akan dinaikkan ke RM120 setahun

Cpanel NVME GO RM250 juga akan dinaikkan ke RM450 setahun.


24th Feb 2021
Bina web jualan dengan woocommerce semudah ABC?

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4th Feb 2021
Kineticpay Dengan Transaksi FPX 70sen JE

Dapatkan Transaksi FPX Termurah dari Kineticpay (RM0.70sen/transaksi)

Hanya Daftar di

Sekiranya anda melanggan produk di,
settlement akan dibuat keesokan harinya
sekiranya tidak, settlement delay 7 hari dari tarikh terima.

settlement hanya dibuat pada hari bekerja di Selangor.

3rd Feb 2021

PROMOSI LAJU + JIMAT Promo Combo RM100HOSTING Cpanel NVME 5GB Storage + Domain .com + kineticpay (payment gateway serendah 0.70sen per transaksi FPX)GET Free 10 template eCommerce, just access, then go to services menu-> go to the download menu.For additional TASK:-#Fix additional plugin#Fix or debug editor problem#Update or ... Read More »

1st Feb 2021
We No Longer Support Monthly Subscribtion For Cpanel Product

From 17 December, we no longer support monthly subscription for CPANEL.

Thanks for supporting us,

17th Dec 2020
Get Kineticpay Now

Get Kinetic Now
Only RM0.70sen per transaction for FPX.
Next Day withdrawal.

Cheapest in town.

Just login to your account.
Subscribe Cpanel or VPS
tick add on kineticpay.
and done.

we will help and guide how.

16th Sep 2020
Join our Affiliate program

Get 10% commision from all product except domain.

Special commission up to rm100 (recurring every year) for Cpanel NVME.


7th Sep 2020
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3rd Sep 2020